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Whatuni is the UK's largest source of real, honest student reviews. Reviews which give current students a voice and help future students to make really important decisions about their education.

Reviews also give universities and colleges an insight into what students think of their experiences — what they love and what could be improved.

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"I grew up in Luxembourg and hadn't heard of most British unis, so Whatuni was invaluable to me! It helped me choose Queen Mary University in East London, and I absolutely loved it!"

"I was completely lost until I came across Whatuni. I ended up in Birmingham, a decision which changed my life and opened up loads of opportunities."

"Whatuni gave me great insights into different unis & courses. As a result, I attended Pearson's, had a brilliant experience and enjoyed every moment!"


Film studies

Queen Mary University


BA Digital Marketing
Birmingham City University


Business and Marketing
Pearson Business School

The WUSCAs are compiled from the reviews which students like you leave on Whatuni, and rank institutions according to the things that students really care about.

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